I`ve Got a Pet

When I was young, I`ve got a pet of cute dog. The dog name was JJory, kind of a chihwahwa. I`ve taken her 5years, and we were really good friend each other. I liked her, and she liked me, because I gaven the blackfast every day. I had a goodtime when she didn`t ass away.

Topic 10 in the Unit 4

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My Wedding

I`m going to wed with my wife in Hawaii`s top hotel. The hotel is very big, like a mountain. Obama and Myung Bak are going to be my wedding, because they are my friends. Also many body guards are going to depend me, bacause I`m a really important person. I will be there.

Topic6 in the Unit 6

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I`m Covering in JAPAN

I`m covering in Japan, because Japan was being happened both Earthquake and Tsunami. This Earthquake was very hard, and many people have already died. Some people revive by a really lucky chance, but a scientist said that nouclears have broken, so all Japaness are rocking ahead.  I think that other countries have to help about it.


I`m taking a heliotrope and I`m taking a video in Japan. Japan is being broken from dangerous, because Japan`s ground is shaking, and a nuclear power plant is being broken, so many people are suffesing ar duging.

– In the Unit 5

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I am a Winner

When I won from a price.

I went down town with my friend on last Sunday, because I want to buy new clothes, so I went showping center.

It has many types of clothes, and these clothes were as chief as ‘1000won mart, and then I felt like winner, so I bought many clothes like a rich, so I had a nice time.

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I Like Ballad Music

I like ballad music, because ballad music is made comfortable and sensibility for me.

My favorite singer is 나얼(naerl), because 나얼 is good ballad singer in korea, and his music have a lot of sense and vibration, but I don`t have his CD, and I`v never been to his concert, so some day I`ll go there.

you know what many “I-Doll” doesn`t have feeling, so I really want a singer who has soul voice.

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I Would Like to Meet a Van Gogh

One person who has died already, but Whom I would like to meet, and chat with is Gogh. There are three reasons. Why I would like tomeet face to face, and shere a conversation with Gogh.

The first reason is glory.

Gogh is artist. I want to know his face and his philosophies. You know what Gogh is very popular artist. If I meet a Van Gogh? It is glory.

A second reason is his pictures.

I want to know his art, because He pictures has a lot of meaning, so I want to know that, and I ask him. 

The Final reason is interested.

I can`t draw picture very well, but I interested in his pictures very well, and I like to look pictures. If I meet Gogh. I want to learn him.

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I Want to Visit Three Countries

The country I most want to visit first is England, because I really want to see variety style of structures, and I want to know about materials of structures.

I would also really like to visit America, because America has plenty of famous exercises. For example, MLB, NBA, etc. I’d like to go to those stadiums. That’s why I want to be there.

Finally, One day I would like to go to Austrailia, because Austrailia has lots of rare animals. Actually I really like animals, and there are alot of beutiful Islands. I want to take a rest in there.

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